Bob Morane – Twenty years after

Twenty years ago, I had the pleasure and privilege of creating the music for the action adventure animated television series BOB MORANE, based on Henri Vernes’ classic novels.  It was my first big TV project and I was very excited!  Director Norman Leblanc, a lover of music for film, wanted a classical style score to honor Bob Morane’s retro origins.  For obvious financial considerations, the score had to be entirely created « in the box » in a time where quality classical orchestral librairies were just starting to come out.  With a host of samplers stacked to the ceiling, I embarked on my creative journey.  Every episode of this twenty six half hour series was scored to picture yielding over seven and a half hours of original music.  In the end, the series captured the hearts of fans due to its solid scripts, intrepid design, stylish mise en scene, cool characters under the daring command of director Norman Leblanc.

I was proud to receive my two first nominations ever for my creative effort.

Here are a few selected excerpts:

« I can’t say enough how wonderful the music was for this series.  Doing music for film is particularly difficult, one must not only be a consummate musician, but also a consummate storyteller.  It’s rare to find people that do both well.   As ambitious as I was, Daniel surpassed all expectations and delivered world-class music.  An illegal testosterone quotient … made this series rock!  I think Daniel was the single most important artist on this project. »

– Norman Leblanc, director