Montréal, mon amour, mon histoire

Montréal celebrates its 375th anniversary. Five hour-long documentaries explore the Aboriginal, French and British roots of the city, supported by nearly one thousand photographs, paintings and maps drawn from major public archives and private collections.  The city’s builders come together in a vast panoramic portrait to pay tribute to some of the people, places and defining moments that have made Montreal the first metropolis of Canada and one of the great port cities of north America.

Music by
Daniel Scott
Directed by
Paul Carvalho
Produced by
Perception films – Radio-Canada – PBS
Production year

Montréal, mon amour, mon histoire” covers the relationship between the river and the island of Montreal from the days of its earliest native settlers to the present. The music had to have the feeling of a grand voyage through time, a parade of ships, immigrants and seminal characters like Jeanne Mance and de Maisonneuve.

Daniel took that challenge head-on and gave it grandeur without overwhelming the rich, complex narrative. Instead, the music surrounds this series with loving arms, lifting it to another plane, to a vaster mindscape capable of suggesting the epic scale of this city’s 375-year history.

The live recordings of the music was an intensely emotional experience for me . I cannot imagine these films, today, without their scores.  Daniel helped my films arrive at the destination I always dreamt for them.”

– Paul Carvalho, Director/ Producer