TROLL: The Tale of a Tail

This 3D family adventure centers its story on Trym, a young impetuous prince of the hidden Troll Kingdom of Ervod. Trym tries to follow in the footsteps of his wildly popular father King Grom, but only succeeds in falling short of his own expectations as everyone tells him he is not ready to be King.

In an attempt to impress his father, Trym accidentally helps his evil cousin Grimmer turn the beloved King of trolls into stone. His action plunges his world into jeopardy as their civilization crumbles under his cousin’s rule. To make things right, the boy and his friends Freia, a feisty troll girl, and the two-headed eccentric JinJan, embark on a quest to return the king to life and rescue the troll world from its new tyrant.

Music by
Daniel Scott
Directed by
Kevin Munroe, Kristian Kamp
Produced by
Blue Bug Ent. – Sagatoon – Global Genesis Group –
Spring Era Films – China Lion
Production year